Westmont offers a variety of after-class, extra-curricular activities for our Early Childhood and Kindergarten students to enjoy. The 2017 spring after-school program takes place throughout the week and children can enroll in one or all classes.

Art - 'Book It'

In this mini-session of STARS Art, the children will combine words and illustrations to make a book. Vegetable prints will accompany a salad recipe, bug paintings will pair up with a Jack Prelutsky poem and folded paper will be added to make a pop-up page.  There are endless possibilities using poems or the words of the children for the pages of our books!


Yoga can help children build a strong foundation for a fit future.  This program will focus on kid-friendly yoga poses and breathing exercises.  They will explore various body alignments and breathing techniques like different animals with fun adventures from the farm to the sea.

Fitness with Travelin' Tumblers

Themed fitness and tumbling classes that incorporate gymnastic equipment and lively music to create a fun learning experience.

REGISTRATION for the Spring Session which begins April 17, 2017.

"Westmont nurtures creativity, independence, and kindness." – Meghan Dicristina, parent